There are thousands of photography applications for your phone. Here are the apps I frequently use for landscape and night photography. Hopefully, you will find them helpful as well.


The Photographer’s Ephemeris

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This is probably my most-used photography app besides the weather forecast. It quickly shows me where the sun rises and sets, where the moon will be, and what direction the Milky Way will be (night mode in iOS only). As a paid feature it also includes Skyfire; a service that predicts how good the sunrise and sunset will be.

Paid App on iOS & Android



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Similar to Photographer’s Ephemeris but packed with even more features. The included exposure calculator and the maximum exposure time for stars specificaly for your camera are very useful.

Paid App on iOS & Android


 Weather Apps

Best practice is to use several weather apps as no forecast is perfect especially not here in Colorado. 😉 Here are a few on my phone:


Clear Outside Free App on iOS & Android

Useful for landscape and night photography as this shows where the clouds will be (percentage of high clouds, middle clouds, low clouds). Free App on iOS & Android

Weather app from Norway. Great layout and no ads.

WeatherBug Free App on iOS & Android

One nice option with WeatherBug are the included live weather and traffic cameras that are often helpful when you are unable to look outside.